Smarter Business Podcast - Business Advice with a Video Bent

Francine Brooks - FB Displays and Designs - Adapting in Business and Moving Forward - Episode 12

March 31, 2020 Francine Brooks Season 1 Episode 12
Smarter Business Podcast - Business Advice with a Video Bent
Francine Brooks - FB Displays and Designs - Adapting in Business and Moving Forward - Episode 12
Show Notes

Francine Brooks, owner, and president of FB Displays and Designs talks about hiring the right people for your business, how the business landscape has changed in Buffalo over the last 25 years, the importance of maintaining solid relationships with clients.

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Our goal with this podcast to deliver high-quality, actionable tips and advice from business leaders. Advice that will help you succeed. Oh yeah and that video bent - we are going beyond the typical business tips, we are going to explore the use of video with these business leaders too, from marketing to sales, to internal communications - how they use it and how it impacts their businesses. Thanks for tuning in. 


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Neil Carroll [00:00:06] Thank you for joining us again with another episode of the Smarter Business Podcast. I'm Neil Carroll, owner of vidweel. Now, you might notice that this looks a lot different than past episodes. If you're watching this on video. That's because this is the first one of these stand-ups that we're recording since the arrival of the coronavirus. It's been a huge adjustment for everybody. Stay healthy and stay strong. In this episode of the Smarter Business Podcast, we have Paul Greiner doing the interviewing, and he's speaking to Francine Brooks of FB Displays and Designs. Paul talks to Francine about a number of things, including being a woman entrepreneur and hiring the right people for your business. Please check out the episode. Comment, share, subscribe, we really appreciate your support. 

Paul Greiner [00:01:01] Well, thanks for coming in, Francine. 

Francine Brooks [00:01:03] My pleasure, it's a pleasure to be here. 

Paul Greiner [00:01:05] It's great to have you, and if you would go ahead and kind of introduce yourself to the folks who are watching, who you are, your business, what you do. 

Francine Brooks [00:01:13] All right, thanks. My name is Francine Brooks. I'm the owner of FB Displays and Designs located here in the Buffalo area. We've been in business for 25 years. Actually, last year it's been 25 years, and it's been a rollercoaster ride most of the time because that's what business is all about. What we do is we design and build exhibits for companies that attend trade shows or any type of face to face marketing event. It could be a sponsorship event. It could be a conference. But as long as it's an event where you need to brand your business, make people aware of who you are, and what you do, we design a display that does that for you. Yes, so, but we do focus on displays that are more modular in nature as opposed to custom. We don't have a shop. We do have a little shop, but not a big one.